Members and suppliers


Member testimonial: Paul Jigberg

We have cooperated with representatives and business partners from PPI for over almost 20 years and experience the cooperation as very successful and rewarding. Our PPI membership has contributed to Tingstad’s increased prosperity in a highly competitive market. We are dedicated and look forward to continue our cooperation with PPI In the future.

Paul Jigberg
Owner & CEO of Tingstad AB, Sweden




Member testimonial: Urs Oswald

Urs OswaldBeing a member within the PPI has been extremely positive for Pacovis Ltd. We are benefiting from preferred purchasing prices from the major PPI suppliers and gain access to many new and interesting potential producers throughout Europe and the Far East. The thing we value and appreciate the most is the amicable exchange of valuable information among the PPI members on both the director and owner levels. It is also positive to see the same level of exchange among the purchasing departments.

 The sharing of information and experiences helps us to further strengthen our leadership position in our respective markets.

Urs Oswald
Co-Owner & CEO of Pacovis Ltd, Switzerland.

Supplier testimonial: Ulrich Kremer

Ulrich KremerSilver plastics is preferred supplier since 2008 and is currently working with all PPI members. PPI gives us the opportunity to present our service at one platform and functions as multiplicator. The provided trust can be passed over by the single members and therewith leads to continuous sales increase in agreed augmentation corridors and a better planning reliability. The members are able to present all articles which are part of our huge portfolio. The turnover with the group increased significantly year by year.

Ulrich Kremer 
Managing director Silver plastics GmbH & Co. KG.


Supplier testimonial: Fenny Chang

It has been a long time since our very first transaction was initiated with PPI.  With a great sense of pride, I realize how far both of our firms has come since that day.

After these years, our relationship has not only lasted, but has flourished. This is most rewarding. With your quality work, we found PPI  company to be an important resource for expanding our business in Europe market. Thank you for the past and for the present. PPI is our best choice!

Fenny Chang