We've got it

Tingstad is a family owned company founded in 1959, now run by the 2nd and 3rd genereation. Our customers are mainly found within the restaurant business, supermarket and retail stores and facility service. The number of new customers and new industries are constantly growing.

Tingstad’s vision is to simplify the daily work for those who run a business. Our strength is the wide assortment that enables our customers to work with one distributor rather than several. An extraordinary logistic network makes reality correspond to our vision. Apart from ensuring that our own business has as little impact as necessary on the environment, we have a number of environmental goals linked to our customers. Our work should be visible for you.


We have 40.000 active customers in various industries: Restaurant & Fast food,  Catering, Hotel, Convenience store, Retail, Supermarket,Cleaning service, Industry, Sport clubs, Church & assembly

Our locations:

Our roots are in Gothenburg on the Swedish West coast, where our head office and warehouse is located. Our logistic network covers all of Scandinavia, and we have sales
offices in Göteborg, Stockholm, Malmö, Linköping, Västerås, Jönköping, Kristianstad, Oslo, Stavanger, Trondheim and Helsingfors.


WE HANDLE OUR CUSTOMER’S BRANDS WITH RESPECT. Our inhouse department for customized and branded products consists of 8 experienced coworkers. Our graphic designers create concepts that stretch over several products, and leads the customer from idea to reality. Each concept is carried through by a trained graphic purchaser who works close and professional with our suppliers.

Logistics and warehouse:

Built in 2014. Area of 33.000 m2. Houses 66.000 pallets. 130 employes. Warehouse is running in 2 shifts. Production of 15.000 order lines per day. 35 trailers of goods leave our warehouse every day. Beneficial location close to the port of Gothenburg

E- Commerce:

60% of our turnover is generated online. We have Scandinavia’s market leading e-commerce in the industry. 500 new customers find us online every month. 100.000 visits on our website each month. 60.000 unique visitors.

Sustainability / certificates

Sustainability / certificates

  • Iso9001
  • ISO14001

Sustainable business

Since 1959 we have had the privilege of getting to know both big and small entrepreneurs in the Nordic region. We have been trained and educated, sometimes surprised but always inspired. These entrepreneurs with bold entrepreneurial spirit are our customers. We have listened, done, done correctly, but above all dared. And therefore we are where we are today. We launched early on a strong logistics.

Our newly built warehouse is an example of it. As our customers grow, we must be prepared. Our product range today consists of 25,000 articles, which are there to support not only yours, but all business owners' activities. Our focus is support products and supplies for your workplace. Packaging and packaging, cleaning and hygiene paper, work clothes and office supplies, to name a few. We're talking about what's just going to be there. At the right price, and just when needed. We've got it.