Gildepak; 16 cooperating packaging wholesalers in the Netherlands

Gildepak consists of 16 independent packing wholesalers spread over 19 companies throughout the Netherlands. In total we have 255 employees. With 40 years of experience, they form the largest partnership for the purchase of packaging materials. Over the years Gildepak has provided high added value at low cost to the member companies. The objective is to improve the market position of the member companies who sell to 32.000 customers.

Buying packaging material together is the strength of this partnership. By combining the volumes of the 16 member companies, it is possible to buy competitive. Of course at Gildepak quality comes first meeting the right solution for the end user. Sometimes something thicker or heavier if the ustomer needs it, sometimes thinner if that works. So we are always looking for an efficient solution (for the environment). With a total purchasing turnover of € 82 million per year, Gildepak has the ability to buy full containers or trucks with various products