Benefits for members

We have the following advantages for our potential new members

  • Together we are strong. ROI: Track record shows a return of investment within two years.
  • It is our mission to be a cooperation with members in most European countries, creating the best possible added value for our members.
  • Our main goal is to build a network of wholesalers in foodservice packaging. At the moment the cooperation has 6 members and covers at least 25 European countries.
  • PPI gives its members multiple opportunities to improve their business. Both in cost effective buying (f.e. by purchase volume benefits) as in  larger market share because of better access to a broader and better supplier base.
  • Joint purchasing results in a powerful and competitive supplier base. Because of our focus on information sharing, the lead buyers learning curve is short and steep.  It gives them a head start in becoming a successful packaging purchaser.
  • PPI has an strong focus on sourcing and sharing of innovations. This results in better sales opportunities, enabling further business growth.
  • We facilitate joint negotiations. This ensures that the purchasing process is effective, transparent and successful.
  • We share market knowledge so that all members are able to benefit of the combined experience
  • Members act as a strong European based group, and are managed independently.
  • All members buy global and act local.
Existing Members

Existing Members

Currently we have 6 members in 25 European countries

  • Nette - Germany
  • Pacovis - Switzerland and Austria
  • Sphere Distribution France
  • Tingstad - Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland
  • Zeus - Ireland, United Kingdom, Spain, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovak Republic and Ukraine
  • Gildepak - The Netherlands

We are looking for candidate member companies in the other countries in Europe.

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