PackPartners International

  • PackPartners International is founded in the beginning of 2004. P.P.I is a cooperative purchasing association, located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
  • The combination of joint purchasing power and the commercial successes of its members in their respective markets enables PackPartners to reach a leading position.
  • Our mission: To be a purchasing organization with members in most European countries, creating the best possible added value to the members.
  • Our members are leaders in their local markets and are thoroughly equipped with the right sources to built better business. Professional knowledge of regional and local market conditions gives members a head start.
  • The majority of our members are family-owned businesses, which ensures the loyalty of local customers in today’s increasingly impersonal world
  • Negotiation on aggregated purchasing volume. By negotiating for the entire group, we guarantee a healthy supply chain and beneficial scale advantages for suppliers and customers. The combined purchasing power improves the position of all our members and provides our members to focus on their core business.
  • Optimization of products, categories, articles. By combining products and articles and by sharing the availability of these our members benefit from more than just the best prices and conditions, also the experience of members is shared among each other to result in a broader product perspective and more opportunities.
  • Improving visibility on costs, pricing and conditions. Our member advantages reduce costs and make pricing and conditions transparent. By combining the purchasing activities and processes the collective advantage is realized.
  • Global sourcing of (exclusive) products and new suppliers. PPI employees are capable experienced sourcing specialists enabling the best new products and innovations for our members