Sourcing packaging for our members

Since 2004

PackPartners International is the buying association for independent packaging wholesalers.  Giving them advantages in better purchasing resulting in pricing, terms & conditions, volume and product availability. PPI is giving added value to all parties in the supply chain, resulting in better sustainable business. 

Six reasons to choose for PackPartners International

Six reasons to choose for PackPartners International

  1. Long term professional experience in Far east sourcing, import > 10.000 containers yearly  
  2. Continuous search of new packaging sources globally 
  3. Sharing of market info / innovations and best practices
  4. Steep and short lead buyers learning curve
  5. Joint online negotiations
  6. Huge supplier/product/knowledge database 
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Sharing and caring. Best practices.

As buying association with members all around Europe, our goal is to provide as much added value as possible. Besides purchasing advantages our members and community also receive best practice information and service on the highest level. Because of this technique all our members continuously improve their processes.

European coverage

PPI currently is present in: Finland,Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, The Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Slovak Republic and the UK.

We are looking for candidate member companies in the other countries in Europe.